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RP journal for the character Sancia D'Aragon from the manga Cantarella by You Higuri for the Atia Amat Omnes community. Character property of You Higuri, Princess Comics and Go Comi.

Atia Amat Omnes Profile

» Name: Sancia D'Aragon
» Fandom: Cantarella (manga by You Higuri)
» Gender: Physically and mentally female
» Orientation: Sancia is heterosexual. She pursues men fervently, both for her own pleasure and to manipulate them. She launches a major campaign to win Cesare's favors when she first meets him; she seduces his brother, Juan, and in a flashback, we see her as a young teenager deeply in love with a man who played exotic musical instruments at her family's parties. It's also inferred in a few places that her feelings for her brother, Alfonso, are something other than sisterly. Her behavior toward men causes Cesare to label her a "harlot" and a "cheap whore" on several occasions.
» Personality: Sancia doesn't like to play by the rules. She knows that as a woman born into an aristocratic family during the Renaissance, forced into an arranged marriage as a political pawn, she must bow to her fate – but that doesn't mean she can't find ways to work around that fate, and twist it to her own advantage.

She lost her faith in "true love" years ago when she had her heart broken, so she has no qualms whatsoever about cheating on the husband she never really wanted.

She is very much aware of her sexuality and its effect on men, and wields it as a weapon (the only one available to her as a woman of her social class and time). She will tease and taunt men to get them to do her bidding, and will resort to flat-out seduction if she thinks a man is "useful" to achieve her ends.

She can be brash and forward, and will usually tell people what's on her mind without a second thought, which can get her into trouble (in volume 10, she told off her father-in-law, the Pope, without a second thought, which got her expelled from the Papal court and sent back to Naples).

Sometimes, however, she can show a kinder side to people, especially in dealings with her in-laws. She is genuinely sympathetic about Cesare's demonic possession, refusing to be afraid of him even when she grasps at least part of what is going on with him. She is also friendly to her sister-in-law, Lucrezia, although that sometimes took the form of "tough love" when the younger girl fell into a depression after being separated from the man she loved. She can be good at giving comfort – although, depending on the person, she isn't above using the strong emotions of others to get her own way.

» Appearance: Sancia is not a tall woman by any means, but her bearing gives her the appearance of filling a room much more than she does. She has long, thick, wavy black hair, an expressive heart-shaped face and an ample bosom, which she is proud of showing off. She dresses in clothing befitting someone of her era and social class – long dresses with wide sleeves – but they are usually tailored to emphasize her figure.

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